Nibedan: Class 9 Nepali Chapter 4 Excercise

In this post, you’ll find Class 9 Nepali Chapter 4 Nibedan Excercise. We’ve included all questions and answers and their explanation. You can also find Vyakaran Excercise.

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Nibedan Summary

The chapter “Nibedan” in the Class 9 Nepali syllabus focuses on teaching students how to compose formal applications in the Nepali language. The term “Nibedan” translates to “Application” in English.

This section provides insights into the structure and format of formal applications, covering elements like the sender’s address, date, recipient’s address, subject line, body of the letter, and closing. Additionally, it offers examples of different application types, such as leave applications, job applications, and requests for certificates.

The primary objective of the chapter is to enable students to craft clear, concise, and effective applications in Nepali. It underscores the significance of proper formatting, polite language, and the inclusion of essential details in an application.

Nibedan: Class 9 Nepali Chapter 4 Excercise

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