Megh Bijuli Bibaha: Class 9 Nepali Chapter 1 Excercise

In this post, you’ll find Class 9 Nepali Chapter 1 Megh Bijuli Bibaha Excercise. We’ve included all questions and answera and their explanation. You can also find Vyakaran Excercise.

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Megh Bijuli Bibaha Summary

“Megh Bijuli Bibaha,” featured in the Class 9 Nepali syllabus, translates to “Marriage of Cloud and Lightning” in English. This poetic piece serves as a metaphorical expression of the rain phenomenon.

Within the verses, the cloud (Megh) and lightning (Bijuli) are personified as the bride and groom, respectively. Their union is depicted through the metaphorical marriage ceremony, embodied by the thunderstorm. The poem eloquently captures the essence of rain as a matrimonial event, wherein the cloud and lightning come together, giving rise to the life-sustaining rain.

In essence, the poem serves as a reverential ode to nature and its intricate processes. It underscores the significance of rain in sustaining life on Earth. The poet employs vivid imagery and personification to animate this natural occurrence, turning it into a captivating celebration of the interconnectedness of elements.

Megh Bijuli Bibaha: Class 9 Nepali Chapter 1 Excercise

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