Swad Class 9 Nepali Chapter 1 Excercise

In this post, you’ll find Class 9 Nepali Chapter 2 Swad Excercise. We’ve included all questions and answers and their explanation. You can also find Vyakaran Excercise.

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Swad Summary

“Swad” is a tale featured in the Class 9 Nepali syllabus, focusing on a man driven by an intense passion for delectable cuisine. His insatiable craving for tasty food pushes him to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of culinary pleasure.

The narrative commences with the man’s visit to a restaurant, where he indulges in a diverse array of dishes, relishing each one. However, his appetite remains unfulfilled, compelling him to continuously order more, regardless of the financial consequences.

As the plot unfolds, the man’s fixation on food evolves into a detrimental issue. His relentless pursuit of gastronomic delight leads him into financial jeopardy, accumulating debts. Despite facing economic challenges, he persists in satisfying his taste buds, showcasing the adverse effects of unchecked desires.

“Swad” serves as a critical exploration of the repercussions of excessive longing and the potential pitfalls it can generate. The narrative underscores the significance of moderation, cautioning against the dangers associated with unchecked obsessions.

Swad: Class 9 Nepali Chapter 2 Excercise

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