Tyo Feri Farkala Class 11 Nepali Chapter 6 Excercise

In this article, we’ve provided Tyo Feri Farkala Class 11 Nepali Chapter 6 Excercise. We’ve included all excercise, questions and answer. Enjoy this Class 11 Nepali guide chapter 6 excercise including byakaran.

Tyo Feri Farkala Summary

“Tyo Feri Farkala” is a psychological narrative penned by Bhawani Bhikshu, featured in the Class 11 Nepali syllabus. The tale centers around Sani, a young and beautiful girl residing in a village with her elderly mother.

One evening, a young Madhesi traveler arrives, seeking accommodation. Sani extends an invitation to him, feeling an instant attraction. She prepares a meal for him and engages in conversation. Overcoming a bit of embarrassment, she courageously inquires if he requires more curry, firewood, salt, spices, and kerosene.

As night falls, Sani finds herself unable to sleep, her mind consumed by thoughts of the traveler. She ponders whether he has eaten, if he is adept at cooking, his financial standing, and his marital status. Her attraction intensifies, leading to vivid fantasies.

Amidst her musings, she is startled by the realization that he might be married. Despite this revelation, her enchanting daydreams persist. Battling sleeplessness, she lights a lamp and checks on him, discovering him in peaceful slumber.

The narrative delves into the psychological intricacies of love, attraction, desire, and hope in young individuals. Additionally, it contrasts the dichotomies of urban and rural life, modernity and tradition, as well as reality and fantasy.

Tyo Feri Farkala : Class 11 Nepali Chapter 6 Excercise

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