Paryparyatanka Sambhabana Ra Aayam Class 11 Nepali Chapter 7 Excercise

In this article, we’ve provided Paryparyatanka Sambhabana Ra Aayam Class 11 Nepali Chapter 7 Excercise. We’ve included all excercise, questions and answer. Enjoy this Class 11 Nepali guide chapter 7 excercise including byakaran.

Paryparyatanka Sambhabana Ra Aayam Summary

“Paryaparyatan ka Sambhavana ra Aayam” is an essay by Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha that explores Nepal’s ecosystem, ecological diversity, natural beauty, biodiversity, and tourism. The title translates to “Possibilities of Travel and Tourism in Nepal” in English.

The essay commences with the prefix ‘eco,’ emphasizing the balance and harmony between humans, nature, and the environment. Earth, our shared home, hosts diverse living beings dependent on the five elements: water, land, air, sky, and light.

Nepal’s environment and ecosystem are analogized to a five-story tower. The Terai region forms the ground floor, followed by the Chure Madhes and benshi region on the first floor, the hilly region on the second floor, the hilly (Uplekali) region on the third floor, and the high mountain (Lekali) region on the fourth floor. Snow-capped peaks crown the tower, with Bardalike province lying to the north.

The allure of Nepal’s natural diversity and beauty attracts global tourists. Tourism centered on environmental, natural, and cultural attractions necessitates specialized management—this is the essence of eco-tourism. Eco-tourism aims to maintain a clean and undisturbed environment, supporting nature conservation through financial and technical resources. Additionally, it benefits local communities by enhancing their livelihoods.

Current statistics indicate an annual influx of approximately 1.1 million foreign tourists to Nepal, a number the government seeks to increase. Welcoming tourists into our natural home, our ecosystem, demands ensuring their presence does not harm the environment. In the tourism industry, both hosts and guests bear responsibility. Genuine eco-tourism adheres to practices that are environmentally friendly.

Paryparyatanka Sambhabana Ra Aayam : Class 11 Nepali Chapter 7 Excercise

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