Class 10 English Unit 2 Reading 2 Exercise [New Course 2080]

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Here, you can find all the solutions of Class 10 English Unit 2 Reading 2 Thanksgiving Around the World exercise. Plus, we’ve also provided answer to Grammar II and Writing II section.

These all solutions are based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal published on 2080 B.S.

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Class 10 English Unit 2 Reading 2 Thanksgiving Around the World Exercise: Included all Questions and Answers (With Grammar II + Writing II Solution)

Reading II: Thanksgiving Around the World

A. The meanings of some of the words from the text are given below. Find the words and write against the correct meanings.

a. in a way occurring at irregular intervals; not continuous or study…….
Ans: intermittently

b. to remind people of an important event or person from the past…….
Ans: commemorate

c. in a way that shows the usual qualities or features of a particular type of person or thing…….
Ans: typically

d. a curved shape that is wide in the middle and pointed at each end…….
Ans: crescent-shaped

e. full of life and energy…….
Ans: vibrant

f. a person who is having fun in a noisy way, usually with a group of other people…….
Ans: reveller

g. from or in another country; seeming exciting and unusual…….
Ans: exotic

h. to spread through and be easy to notice…….

i. brightly coloured and likely to attract attention…….

j. done quickly and with a lot of activity, but not very well organized…….
Ans: haphazardly

B. The following events represent different activities observed during Thanksgiving around the world. Study them carefully and write the names of countries where they are celebrated.

a. Families gather for a feast in the evening accompanied by dancing and singing. –
Ans: Liberia

b. People wear new clothes and get community blessings. –
Ans: Iran

c. Palm nut soup, fish and traditional Kpokoi are served. –
Ans: Ghana

d. People return to their hometowns to celebrate the festival.-
Ans: South Korea

e. Celebrants go to the beach in a noisy way. –
Ans: Brazil

f. Parades are taken out in the streets. –
Ans: the USA

g. Food and wine are offered to the forefathers. –
Ans: South Koreaw

C. Answer the following questions.

a. What is the main feature of American Thanksgiving?
Ans: The main feature of American Thanksgiving is family dinner.

b. What do parades include in Thanksgiving in America?
Ans: The parades include big balloons with cartoon characters in Thanksgiving in America.

c. When and why is Chuseok celebrated in Korea?
Ans: Chuseok is celebrated in Korea on the 15th day of August, according to lunar calendar to commemorate the fall harvest and to honour their ancestors.

d. How did Thanksgiving begin in Brazil?
Ans: When the former Brazilian president visited the USA, he was fascinated with the holiday and he began it in Brazil.

e. Who started Thanksgiving in Liberia? Why was it started?
Ans: Liberated American slaves started Thanksgiving in Liberia to share the happiness of freedom.

f. What is Thanksgiving celebrated in Barbados for?
Ans: Thanksgiving is celebrated in Barbados for the celebration of successful sugarcane harvest.

g. What is Homowo marked in Ghana?
Ans: Homowo marked as the ending of a long famine suffered by the people of Ghana.

D. How do people extend their gratitude for food and harvest in your community? Share with your friends.
 In my community, people typically express their gratitude for food and harvest by participating in the collaborative activities such as cooking large meals together and organizing sharing parties. People also give thanks to the gods with prayers, offerings, and traditional ceremonies. Many people thank the land for its bounty with rituals such as planting trees and flowers to give back to the environment. Finally, people often establish small charities or organizations that help local farmers with their harvests and food-related needs.
People in different castes and culture make special dishes from the new harvest and offer the mother-Goddess. It is called ‘Nwangi’, meaning having new food of the year. People rejoice this festival in the month of Mangsir or Poush, accourding to Nepali Calendar. In this time, paddy corps is harvested throughout the country. And in this happy time, they celebrate this festival.

Class 10 English Unit 2 Reading 2 Grammar II Excercise

Here, you can find Class 10 English Unit 2 Reading 2 grammar 2 exercise based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal on 2080:

A. Rewrite the following sentences choosing the correct alternative from brackets.

a. Sujita asked her mother ……….. (when her father would come home, when will her father come home, when might her father come home).
Ans: Sujita asked her mother when her father would come home.

b. She replied that she had never had caviar when I said to her, ” ……………..caviar?” (Have you ever had, Will you have, Would you have)
Ans: She replied that she had never had caviar when I said to her, “Have you ever had caviar?”

c. The salesperson said to him, “What …………….for you?” (I can do, can I do, I could do)
Ans: The salesperson asked him, “What can I do for you?”

d. The tourist inquired from me ………………. to Banepa. (whether I belonged, whether I would belong, whether I am belonging)
Ans: The tourist inquired from me whether I belonged to Banepa.

e. The little girl asked us what time ……………… come back. (were we supposed, we were supposed, we had been supposed)
Ans: The little girl asked us what time we were supposed to come back.

f. The head teacher asked her ………………….. the exam form the week before. (whether she had filled out, whether she fills out, whether had she filled out)
Ans: The head teacher asked her whether she had filled out the exam form the week before.

g. Renuka asked me …………….. her. (if I have called, if I had called, if had I called)
Ans: Renuka asked me if I had called her.

B. Nihar Chaudhary interviewed her Social Studies teacher last week. Here is the report prepared by her after the interview. Read it carefully and list out direct questions asked by Nihar.

Direct questions asked by Nihar:

  • What is Ihi?
  • Why is it done?
  • Why is it started?
  • What particular age group perform Ihi?
  • How long does this ritual go?
  • What things are done during in these two days?

Class 10 English Unit 2 Reading 2 Writing II Excercise

Write a news story using the following clues.
Vitamin A Capsules Given to Children health assistants give Vitamin A Capsules, October 19-20 children from six months to five years deworming tablets to children between 1-5 years announced by the Department of Health Services Vitamin A programme continues since 2050 BS and deworming capsules since 2056 BS

Health Assistants Provide Vitamin A Capsules and Deworming Tablets to Children in Nationwide Campaign

Date: October 21, 2023

Health assistants conducted a two-day campaign across the country on October 19-20, delivering essential health interventions to young children. The Department of Health Services announced the program, which included the distribution of Vitamin A capsules and deworming tablets to specific age groups.

As part of an ongoing initiative that started in 2050 BS (1993 AD), health assistants provided Vitamin A capsules to children between the ages of six months and five years. Vitamin A plays a vital role in maintaining healthy vision, boosting the immune system, and supporting overall growth and development. The government’s aim is to combat vitamin A deficiency and related health complications through this annual program.

Simultaneously, health assistants administered deworming tablets to children aged between one and five years. This deworming campaign, which began in 2056 BS (1999 AD), targets common intestinal worms that can hinder a child’s growth, nutrient absorption, and overall health. By providing these tablets, the Department of Health Services strives to improve the overall well-being of young children.

Throughout the two-day campaign, health assistants visited various communities, health centers, and schools to reach as many children as possible. Parents and guardians brought their children to receive the Vitamin A capsules and deworming tablets. Health assistants provided guidance on dosage and stressed the importance of regular supplementation and deworming.

Parents expressed gratitude for the government’s efforts, acknowledging the significance of these preventive measures in ensuring their children’s healthy development. They praised the Department of Health Services for its continued commitment to improving child healthcare nationwide.

The Department of Health Services encouraged parents and guardians to schedule regular check-ups for their children’s health and seek medical advice for any concerns. They emphasized that these annual campaigns form part of a comprehensive strategy to safeguard the well-being of Nepal’s young population.

The successful conclusion of the Vitamin A capsule distribution and deworming campaign left a positive impact on the health of countless children. The Department of Health Services reaffirmed its dedication to the well-being of children and expressed its commitment to future health initiatives.

Looking ahead, the government aims to build upon the success of these programs and further expand healthcare initiatives to ensure the long-term health and development of Nepal’s children.


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