Class 10 English Unit 18 Reading 2 Exercise [New Course 2080]

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These all solutions are based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal published on 2080 B.S.

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Class 10 English Unit 18 Reading 2 Interesting Social Media Stories Exercise: Included all Questions and Answers (With Grammar II + Writing II Solution)

Reading II: Interesting Social Media Stories

A. Match the words with their meanings

a. lip-syncing: to silently mouth the words along with a song or some other recording

b. platform: a website that serves as a base from which a service is provided

c. pandemic: the worldwide spread of a new disease

d. overwhelm: to have a strong emotional effect on somebody

e. somersaulting: turning over completely in the air

f. accumulate: to get more and more over a period of time

g. voicemail: a phone message recorded by someone when you do not answer their call

h. sanctuary: a place where birds or animals can live and be protected

B. Complete the sentences below with the correct information from the text.

a. The text is about the positive results brought by social media.

b. Nathan Apodaca was gifted a truck of his favourite drink because he was drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice

c. Charlie’s birthday became more special than expected because of a post on Facebook

d. If there were no social media, people would have no idea about somersaulting the two school children.

e. Matt Nason’s Twitter page ‘We Rate Dogs’ raises fund for the help of dogs.

f. The social media platform, Twitter, was used for the rescue of the hawk.

C. Answer these questions.

a. What did Nathan Apodaca record in his video?
Ans: Apodaca recorded video of himself skating, drinking and lip singing in his video.

b. Was a truck of Ocean Spray a much-deserved reward for Nathan Apodaca? Why?
Ans: Yes, a truck of Ocean Spray was a much-deserved reward for Nathan Apodaca because it was his best drink.

c. How did social media help Charlie celebrate her birthday?
Ans: Social media helped Charlie celebrate her birthday by gifting her cards and parcels.

d. What was $700 spent on? How did Matt collect the money?
Ans: $700 was spent on to buy wheel chair for dog.

e. How was the hawk in New York rescued?
Ans: The hawk in New York was rescued by the help of the twit.

D. Share an interesting social media story that you have read or heard.
An honest man tried his luck in every business taking loan from the bank. He worked hard for twenty years. He could not get success from any business. Being depressed, he wrote his long and sorrowful story in Facebook. People felt pity on him and they cleared his bank loan within a day or two. He thanked all the people who donated him money the next day.


Class 10 English Unit 18 Reading 2 Grammar II Excercise

Here, you can find Class 10 English Unit 18 Reading 2 grammar 2 exercise based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal on 2080:

A. Study the following pairs of sentences below. What differences do
you notice in them?
a. I had my television fixed. I had a technician fix my television.
b. I got my assignment edited. I got a friend to edit my assignment.
c. I made my sister walk the dog. My sister was made to walk the dog.
I have appointments made for me. I have the assistant make the appointments for me.
I will have my glass bottles recycled. I will get my friend to S: The difference is in the use of causative verbs. recycle my glass bottles.
Answer: The difference is in the use causative verbs.

B. Complete the sentences below with the correct form of verbs in brackets.

a. I don’t let my children play video games.

b. The police made him pay for the damage he caused.

c. Rob is having his house painted next weekend.

d. Julia got her boy friend to buy her a ring. (buy)

e. Sam gets me to deliver  the grocery every weekend.

f. Please, try not make her cry.

g. This quiz can make you understand causative verbs better.

h. Laura never has people tell her what to do.

i. My friend got me help her with her CV.

j. I had a plumber fixed he plumbing this morning.

k. I had my hair trimmed once a month. (trim)

l. After the party, I was made to wash  all the dishes. (wash)

C. Imagine you were in a holiday camp last year. What were you made or let to do there? Write a few sentences using ‘have’, ‘get’ and ‘make’, etc..
Actually I had no plan to go to Pokhara last month. Some of my friends visited and posted many photos in social media. They talked much about the beauty of Pokhara. This made me visit as soon as I could. Then, I did.
I had my bags packed and had the tickets booked. I got mother to manage the hotel for a couple of days. I visited for four days and returned. What an unplanned visit!

Class 10 English Unit 18 Reading 2 Writing II Excercise

Many people believe that social networking sites such as Facebook and TikTok have negative impacts on both individuals and society while others believe that they have connected people globally. What do you think? Write an essay expressing your on the impacts of social media.

Impacts of social media
Social media are the integral part for the people these days. People socialize and interact with others in their day to day life, be it their family, friends, colleagues, or it can even be strangers. The age of writing letters is gone, where one has to wait for days before they receive an answer. Even though telephone calls and emails are still in use for contact, but people find social media more efficient sometimes. If we are to look at the positive aspects of social media, then we will get numerous advantages. Some of them are as follows. People use social media for multiple reasons like seeking employment, finding romance, or getting advice. Social media has also proven to be a very useful device for education.

Other than the aspects mentioned before, social media also strengthens the bonds between loved ones. It is because of social media that distance is not a barrier anymore for reaching out. Social media is a great platform for exposure of young budding artists that allow them to showcase their talent for free to a huge audience.

Social media provide us is that it allows companies to promote their brands. Social media has become a hub for campaigning and advertising, along with offering the company a great platform for connecting with their customers.

Apart from the various attractive features of social media that often leads to the setting of trends, it also helps in empowering youth and people of other age groups as well. Like-minded people form a network among themselves on social by creating or joining social groups or pages where they share the content of similar interests and also get to interact with each other.

Despite having so many advantages, social media is also often said to be one of the most harmful elements in society. Social media can lead to grave consequences if not monitored. Social media invades the privacy of people like no other form of communication ever did before.

Often children and people, who over-share on social media, fall prey to predators like bullies and hackers. The mental health of people is affected significantly because of cyber-bullying on social media. The addiction to social media is a serious matter of concern that many youths face. Addiction to social media leads to an increase in anxiety, hampering of studies, and, most importantly, a waste of time.

Social media has also been responsible for creating communal rifts and misunderstanding among many individuals. Many positive and peace- loving minds of people are poisoned because of the spread of fake news on social media.

Hence, as responsible people, we should use social media with good intentions rather than misusing it.


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