Adhikar Thulo Ki Kartabya Class 10 Nepali Chapter 6 Excercise (2080)

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Adhikar Thulo Ki Kartabya Summary

“Adhikar Thulo Ki Kartabya” explores the debate between “Rights versus Duties” in the Class 10 Nepali textbook. The chapter presents varied perspectives from different individuals:

Chidanand Chaudhary: He emphasizes the significance of duties, believing that honest fulfillment of responsibilities leads to positive outcomes. Chaudhary argues that neglecting duties results in failure, while their fulfillment leads to success.

Bharat Bhandari: Bhandari asserts that rights take precedence over duties. He links rights with fundamental aspects of humanity, freedom, and justice, considering them essential for human existence. Bhandari believes that fulfilling rights is a prerequisite for meeting duties.

Padam Gupta: Gupta supports the idea that duty outweighs rights, drawing from religious texts and scriptures. He distinguishes between moral and legal duties, highlighting the importance of both in society.

Shruti Sah: Sah argues that rights hold greater importance than duties. She contends that rights safeguard human freedom and contribute to overall individual and societal development.

The debate revolves around contrasting perspectives on the path to success, moral righteousness, and the balance between fulfilling duties and protecting individual freedoms for personal and societal advancement.

Adhikar Thulo Ki Kartabya- Class 10 Nepali Chapter 6 Excercise (2080)



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