Satru Class 10 Nepali Chapter 7 Excercise (2080)

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These all solutions are based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal published on 2080 B.S. And, it is based on Nepali book Published by Janak Publication.

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Satru Summary

“Satru” is a narrative penned by B.P Koirala and is featured as the seventh chapter in the Nepali Class 10 textbook. The tale delves into the intricate dynamics of human relationships and the profound realms of emotions.

In summary, the narrative illustrates how trust can waver and perceptions can shift due to even a minor incident. It serves as a reminder to approach interactions with understanding, effective communication, and a reluctance to hastily pass judgment. The story takes readers on an enthralling journey, unraveling the subtle nuances of human nature.

B.P Koirala, the author of “Satru,” was a prominent figure in Nepali politics, literature, and statesmanship. His influence on Nepal’s political landscape is noteworthy, and he is recognized as a key figure in shaping the nation’s modern history.

The chapter offers comprehensive solutions to all exercises, allowing students to explore the intricacies of this thought-provoking subject. Through the study of this chapter, students can enhance their understanding of “Satru” and excel in their Class 10 Nepali studies.

Satru- Class 10 Nepali Chapter 7 Excercise (2080)

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