Unit 15: War And Peace Solution
(Shall There Be Peace?)

Ways with words

A. Match the words on the left side with their meanings on the right.

a. proclaim – declare
b. unswerving – steady or constant
c. magnanimous – generous or forgiving
d. trample – crush
e. tremendous – huge
f. inevitable – unavoidable
g. dire – dreadful
h. anguish – distress
i. impending – upcoming
j. ruthless – pitiless

B. Fill in the blanks with the suitable word from the list given.

a. The soldiers suffer appalling injuries during the attack.

b. She is sanguine about prospects for the economic development of the country.

c. Innocent people get unexpected slaughter in the war.

d. The crowd laughed at the absurdity of the singer’s behaviour.

e. The intellectuals should be worried about the horror and futility of war.

f. He sensed her reluctance to continue the work.

g. They bestir themselves at the first light of morning.


a.Why was the Italian Socialist Mergari treated like a madman ? 

Ans. The Italian Socialist Mergari was treated like a madman because he had spoken few natural, human words.

b. Can political aims be attained by the criminal instrumentality of war? If yes, how? 

Ans: Yes, Political aims can be attained by the criminal instrumentality of war. If the statesman can instill

the sense of nationalism deeply in people’s mind, they are ready to die for the nation and it helps them to attain their political aims.

c.Which hopes and plans were said to be mutually contradictory? 

Ans: A new massacre of inconceivable scope was said to be mutually contradictory hopes and plans.

d.What can be the sacred duty of every man of good will on earth?

Ans: The sacred duty of everyman of good will on earth can be not to sheathe ourselves in indifference and let things take their course, but to do our utmost to prevent this final catastrophe.

e.Is it good to tacitly accept war as an instrument of politics? If not, what else should be done

Ans: No, it is not good. Only a few opportunists truly want the war to go on and beyond a doubt they deserve our contempt and sincerest hatred.

f.How can we stop war in the world? 

Ans: If we are earnest, serious and determined, we can stop the war.

g.What is the main message of this essay ? 

Ans: The essay points out possible dreadful consequences of war. It also tells us how some war profiteers delay the peace. It suggests that peace is inevitable and we can stop the war, if we are sincere and serious. The writer is optimistic.

Critical Thinking

a.Are warmongers the greatest enemies for peace? What do you want to suggest to them?

Ans: Yes, warmongers are the greatest enemies for the peace because other’s lives doesn’t matter to them. They make other people fight for their dirty politics. But they should understand that there is no any alternative to peace. No one is benefitted from the war except opportunists. War brings destruction, soldier may be killed from either side but it is sure that a human is killed. Whole world is badly affected by the war. It only brings disorder. Therefore, I suggest them that, to advocate war is the serious crime against humanity. For the peace, progress, and prosperity, everyone should favour peace.

b.The Nobel Prize Winner American novelist John Steinbeck (1902-1968) once said, “All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.” Do you agree with the novelist? Why? 

Ans: No, other creatures except human beings are responsible for war. Although there is no alternative to peace, humans are always compelled to live under the fear or shadow of war. Humans are the only creative creatures in this world. No one is unknown about the consequences of war, in this situation, if anybody goes to war, it is the symptom of man’s failure. As a wise creature, we should learn from our past, till now, is anybody really benefitted by the war?

C. Does any war end all wars and bring lasting peace to the world? Discuss.

Ans: No, no any war ends all war and brings lasting peace. War cannot be the means to bring peace. Only peace talk and agreement can bring peace in the world. If a war could bring lasting peace, there would not be Second World War just after twenty years of First World War. A war can never solve any problems but it creates other problems.

d.Why do you think countries go in wars even though they have their own boundaries?

Ans: Although countries have their own boundaries they go in wars. We frequently listen and read about their territory. Sometimes, extreme nationalism causes border issues as the statesman raises to border disputes among countries. One of the main reasons behind it is their ambition to increase distract people’s attention from internal politics.


a.Write essays in about 500 words on the following topics. 

a.War and Peace

b.Responsive Youths for Peace and Prosperity


War and Peace

Humans are the wise and creative creatures on this earth. They can differentiate what is right or what is wrong. If we suppose so, the war should not be a desirable choice to anyone. Some people are in favour of war just to fulfill their selfish desires. There is no alternative to peace. It should be the desire of everyone. But some people are prone to evil and welcome war for their obsession.

If we look back to our history, we can see that no one has been ultimately benefitted from the war. No war can insure peace and no war can end future war, they never support any form of war but what they want is peace and only peace. People are thirsty of peace. A war takes place because of the lack of patience, hunger of power and foolishness. If we end all kinds of wars, the world become a paradise. Wars can be avoided if we are honest and determined. The war acts like epidemic and effects almost all the countries in the world. A war is a stain in human civilization. We claim ourselves the wisest creature on earth, then why do wise creatures favour wars?

War only brings destruction and hampers progress. Thousands of innocent people lose their lives. Many children become orphans, properties are destroyed, many are compelled to live being crippled, therefore, War is a curse. No country, group or community is benefitted from it, neither the winner nor the loser. Large amount of money is spent to buy weapons for war, which can be used to educate children or to open hospitals. Weapon proliferation that is seen in the developed countries increases the possibility of war. Many people fear that one day, it puts human civilization in danger and destroys all the achievement.

We common people want only peace and development. There are many organizations which are in favour of peace and fighting against wars. We can live in peace if we are strong. We should be united, otherwise there are opportunists who seek to take advantages of our weakness. Some powerful countries, just to expand their boundaries, invade weak ones. Some big and developed countries have desire to become super power and their activities increase the possibility of war. They invest huge amount of money to produce deadly weapons. Some countries whose economy based on weapons trade may be in favour of war. They are still trying to produce more powerful weapons to insure that no other countries can start war against them. The small and developing countries like Nepal, Bhutan and many others just become the victims.

Global peace is the cry of the era. All the countries, groups and communities should be determined and honest to maintain peace. Progress and prosperity of any country is possible if there is peace. Peace brings happiness whereas war brings destruction. To support war is a serious crime against humanity. Only dialogue and peace talk can solve problems, our own activities can cause the end of human civilization on earth. Whether we want war or peace, the choice is ours.

Responsive Youths for Peace and Prosperity

Peace and Prosperity are interrelated. One cannot exist in the absence of another. Youths are the pillar of the nations who can play important role for peace and prosperity. Prosperity of any country cannot be imagined without involvement of youths. They are the future of the nation. Brain drain is one of the major problems, of our country. If the youths who are responsible for the development and prosperity leave their motherland, how can a country develop?

People are happier when there is peace and prosperity. Everybody wants prosperity but no one realizes the fact that we should work hard in our own country for it. Government should play important role to create environment so that instead of going abroad, youths can collectively contribute for the peace, progress and prosperity. Peaceful environment is necessary for the developmental activities through which prosperity can be achieved. The role of youths in peace, progress and prosperity is more important than we imagine. Every citizen is equally responsible but the youths are the building blocks of a country. Today’s responsive, creative, skillful, visionary youths are the leaders of future who can contribute for the nation today and tomorrow.

The youths are enthusiastic, energetic and creative. They have the ability to change the nation and fate of people. Peace brings prosperity and prosperity causes peaceful environment. Youths can reform the society and country. Their active participation is required to achieve our expected goal. Children and old aged people are dependent on youths. To make progress in any field like technical, educational, sports, participation of youths is needed. But they should be aware of their duty and responsibility to their nation and should play important role to unite people. The country without active youths cannot achieve goal of peace and prosperity. In their absence no any activities can be conducted. Their will power can promote peace, human rights, democratic values and fraternity. To make youth responsible, the government should introduce different plans and policies which help to solve issues like unemployment, illiteracy and so on. In the context of our country youths should be encouraged to involve in agriculture. Although it is considered as a backbone of Nepalese economy, there are many problems in it, therefore youths are not attracted in this sector. Instead of finding scope in this field, they prefer to go for foreign employment. Until and unless they are attracted in agriculture progress is impossible. Since, our country is backward in industrial sector, prosperity is possible only through agriculture.

It is government’s responsibility to create proper environment so that youths will stay and work in their own motherland. Equal opportunity should be provided to every one irrespective to caste, culture, religion gender and so on. They should be given chance to prove themselves. Nepotism or feverish should be avoided and their ability should be seen. Their energy and enthusiasm should be properly utilized and they should be made responsible for peace and prosperity.


B. Divide the following sentences into different parts.

a. The children are playing now.

subject + verb + adverbial (adjunct)

b. Srijana will be reading a story.

subject + verb + object

c. Bimala is a very beautiful girl.

subject + verb (be) + complement

d. She usually wears glasses.

subject + adverbial + verb + object

e. They elected him President.

subject + verb + object + complement

f. Rabin is laughing.

subject + verb (be)

g. He has a big house in Butwal.

subject + complement + adverbial

h. The man who lives next door is a professor.

subject + complement

i. Her uncle has been living in Kathmandu for fifteen years.

subject + verb + adverbial + adverbial

j. The girl with long hair asked me a question last week.

subject + verb + object (indirect) + object(direct) + adverbial