Unit 12: Fantasy Solution
(Down the Rabbit Hole)

Ways with words

A. Find the meanings of the following words and phrases from a dictionary and make sentences by using them.

Peep into: The boy peeped into the house through the small hole of the window.

Pop down: The rabbit popped down into a hole.

remarkable: The girls were awarded for their remarkable contribution to reform the society. hedge: whenever he goes out he tries to hide under the hedge.

wonder: They wondered how they could complete the task on time.

tumble: She tumbled down when she was trying to walk alone.

doze: My father sits on the chair and dozes off.

off : If she obeyed her mother, she would not fall off the ladder.

Creep: The boy crept into the house through the window.

tiny: Air gets polluted when tiny dust particles mix up in the air.

earnestly: The people are earnestly demanding the government to take strict actions to reduce pollution.

B. Match the words below with their opposites.

a. beginning = ending
b. stupid = clever
c. natural = artificial
d. disappointment = happiness
e. ignorant = educated
f. anxiously = calmly


A. Answer these questions.

a. What did Alice do while her sister was reading a book?

Ans: While her sister was reding a book Alice peeped into it and thought that the book was useless without pictures or conversations and she fell asleep.

b. Why did Alice run across the field after the Rabbit ?

Ans: Alice ran across the field after the rabbit because she was curious as she had never seen a rabbit with waist-coat pocket or a watch to take out of it.

C.Why didn’t she like to drop the jar? What did she do with it?

Ans: She didn’t like to drop the jar because she was afraid that it might kill somebody underneath. She just managed to put in one of the cupboards around her.

d.What idea came to her mind when she saw a tiny golden key?

Ans: When she saw a tiy golden key she thought that it might belong to one of the doors of the hall.

f.What was written on the bottle that she found? Did she follow what it said? 

Ans: ‘DRINK ME’ was written on the bottle she found. At first she had doubt whether there was poison but later on she followed it and drank what was in the bottle.

f.Alice was fond of pretending to be two people. Who were they?

Ans: She was fond of pretending to be two people. She, herself pretended to be two people, she used to play game against herself.

g.Why did she want to eat the cake that she found ? 

Ans: She wanted to eat that cake because she thought that if she grew bigger after eating it, she could reach the key and if she grew smaller, she could creep under the door and in any case she could reach to the beautiful garden.

B. Put these sentences in the right order as they happen in the story. 


Alice saw a White Rabbit and ran after him.

Alice saw a white rabbit and ran after him.

Alice fell down a rabbit hole.

Alice found a small key and unlocked a very small door. Alice drank something rom a bottle and got very small.

Alice tried to climb a table leg to get the key again.

Alice ate a small cake which said ‘EAT ME’.

Critical Thinking

a.”Down the rabbit hole” is a sort of writing called fantasy. On the basis of your reading of the story point out some special elements of this kind of writing? 

Ans: Fantasy is a finction that includes the characters and plot that is very different from reality. In this story Alice’s adventures in the wonderland, the situations and the things she finds and faces are really strange. It uses supernatural element as its plot. In this story Alice drinks a kind of liquid from a bottle and becomes very small. The events of fantasy writing takes place in an imaginary land where supernatural power is common. Some common characters of fantasy are fairies, prince and princes, animals, angels, kings and queens and other imaginary creatures.

b. Is it good to imagine of things which are not possible to achieve in reality? Explain.

Ans: Many people think that imagination in not important and it has nothing to do with our real life. But some others believe that success begins with imagination. Without imagination we cannot do anything because imagination creates the shape of success, our goals can be achieved through imagination. For example: if Wright Brothers had not imagined flying like a bird in the sky, they would not have invented aeroplane. Had anybody imagined flying like a bird before they invented it? Before it was invented, it was thought almost impossible. To turn our dream into reality

imagination is important. Many things seem impossible before they are achieved but when it is done it looks normal. New creation is impossible without imagination. Therefore, it is good to imagine, to turn that into reality.

c.Do you talk to yourself when you are in a trouble? If yes, how does it help you? 

Ans: Yes, I sometimes talk to myself when I am in trouble. It helps me to understand the problem and helps to generate an idea. It also helps to divert my mind from my pain. It motivates and helps to concentrate my mind. It also helps me to keep in track.


a.Narrate, in short, a folktale that you have read or heard. 


A man and his wives

In olden times the men were allowed to marry more than one wife. There lived a middle aged man outskirts of Kathmandu. He had two wives. One wife was old where as another was young. Both of them loved him equally and wanted to see him as they liked. The man as he was growing old, his hair started turning grey. The young wife did not like his grey hair because she wanted to see him young. So every night she combed his hair and picked out grey hair on the other hand, the elder wife was pleased to see his grey hair. So every morning she combed his hair and picked black ones. The man could not say anything and they pulled his hair as their wish. They did it regularly. As one pulled grey and another pulled black hair, soon’the man became entirely bald.

Moral: Unnecessary work doesn’t bring fruitful result.

b.Describe a strange dream that you have seen recently. 


My Strange Dream

We visualize an event or series of events in a dream. It can be real or imaginary. Some experts claim that whatever is there in our sub-conscious mind comes in the form of dream. But it may not be true all the time because sometimes we visualize totally irrelevent event. Once I had an interesting dream. In my dream I parked my bike in a place and went to market. It took me for an hour to return to the place where I had Parked my bike.

But for my surprise, when I returned, I didn’t see my bike there. The place where I had parked it looked different. I was sure about the place and kept on searching it but the things around the place had changed. I searched for my bike the whole day but could not find it. Finally, I decided to go to police. When I was thinking so. I woke up from my dream. I was so panic. But soon I realised that it was just a dream. Then I felt relief and thanked god it was not a reality.


B. Express your wishes in the following situations in three different ways. Use I wish/lf only:

a. You don’t have a mobile phone (You need one).


: I wish my father would present me one.

: I wish I could buy a new mobile myself.

: If only my friend brought one from abroad.

b. You don’t know the answer of a question from the lesson.


: I wish my teacher would help me.

: If only I could know the answer.

: I wish somebody helped me to solve this.

c. You can’t play the guitar.


: If only someone helped me to play it.

: I wish my friend would give me time to learn it.

: I wish I could play it myself.

d. It’s cold.


: I wish I could drink hot coffee.

: I wish my friends would bring a bottle of rum.

: I wish my friends called me out for a movie.

e. You are feeling sick.


: I wish my friends would come to meet me.

: If only I could take medicine myself.

: I wish my brother took me to the hospital.

f. You live in a crowded city.


: I wish I lived away from this crowded city.

: If only they would take me away from this place.

: I wish I could be in a peaceful country.

g. You feel lonely.


: I wish my girlfriend would come here.

: I wish I could call all my friends.

: If only I were with all my friends.

c. Rewrite the following sentences making correction if necessary.

a. I wish my father bought me a bike.


I wish my father bought me a bike.

b. I wish l would write poems.


I wish I could write poems.

c. I wish I could remember her name.


I wish I could remember her name.

d. I wish I had a god job.


I wish I had a god job.

e. I wish I would be rich.


I wish I were rich.