Unit 7:Ecology And Development Solution
(Forester Without Diplomas)

Ways with words

A. Match the words with their meanings.

Constituency – electoral district

Pursue – to follow in an effort to overtake or capture

Infiltrate – to enter or gain access to (an organization, place, etc.) secretly and gradually

Nomadic – living the life of roaming

Anatomy – art of studying the different parts of any organized body

Subversive – seeking or intended to overthrow an established system or institution

C. Make two other words by using each prefix given above and use them in sentences.

malnutrition : Malnutrition is a serious problem in many African and Asian countries. malpractice: They were sent to prison for malpractice in medical field.

uneducated : Uneducated people cannot find job easily because they lack basic skills. unsystematic: How can they accomplish their goals with this unsystematic way?

Preregister: The students should preregister their names for upcoming classes.
Prerequisite: Electricity and roads are prerequisite to open a new factory.

disbelieve : Is there any reson to disbelieve me?
disorder: The family has the problem of physical as well as mental disorder.

rearrange: They are planning to rearrange the programme.
reload : If you do not reload the truck in time, we will get late.

decamp: We should not decamp, otherwise, they will have doubt on us.
deforestation: Deforestation causes serious problem in ecosystem.

mismanage : The budget is totally mismanaged, they used it illegally.
misjudge : He realized that he had misjudged her.

inedible: Most of the products of this company area found inedible.
infertile : The land has become infertile due to the excessive use of chemicals.

illogical: It is illogical to follow superstitious belief.
illiberal : they are illiberal to their children so they look unhappy.

impossible : If we do not work hard, it is impossible for us to achieve our goals.
immature : He is a middle aged man but he always shows immature behavior.

irreparable: The loss of human life is irreparable.
iirrational: There is no point to support her, she is really irrational.

nonstick: She bought a nonstick pan to prepare omelette.
nonverbal: : Smile is a non verbal means of communication that everyone understands.


Answer these questions
a.What did Maathai decide to do for the community ?
Ans: Maathai decided to create jobs for the people of her community.

b.Mention the problems faced by women in Kenya.

Ans: The problems faced by women in Kenya are, lack of firewood, malnutrition, lack of food and adequate water, unemployment, and soil erosion.

c.Why did the speaker go to the women to talk about planting trees?

Ans: The speaker went to the women to talk about planting trees because they were badly affected by the problems and worried about their children and future.

d.What is the most important achievement of the movement described in the text? 

Ans: The most important achievement of the movement is the women are independent. They have acquired knowledge and techniques.

e.Why were the foresters’ ways not helpful to the women for planting trees? 

Ans: The foresters’ ways were not helpful to the women for planting trees because they had complicated ways of dealing with the very simple things.

f.When and how did she start The Green Belt Movement ? 

Ans: She started “The Green Belt Movement’ on world Environment Day, June 5, 1977 by planting seven Nandi flame trees.

g.Why do the donors want to provide money to the women ? 

Ans: The donors want to provide money to the women because they are in the compaign to plant trees to preserve environment, they have problem of fund but their government is not supporting them. Therefore, donors from around the globe want to support them providing some money and their efforts are giving results.

h.What happened when the speaker criticized the political leadership?

Ans: When the speaker criticized political leadership they took away the office, that they had given and portrayed her as subversive.

i.Mention the agencies that supported her movement ? 

Ans: The agencies that supported her movement are United Nations Development Fund, Danish Voluntary Fund, Norwegian Agency for International Development, and African Development Foundation.

Critical thinking

a.Do you think that the title “Foresters without Diplomas” is suitable to the essay? How?

Ans: Yes, the title ‘Foresters without Diplomas’ is suitable to this essay. All the foresters who were called to teach women had Diplomas but complicated ways for doing any work. But the women, who tried themselves did it easily. They learnt skills, techniques and did the work perfectly. The women, who did not have Diplomas, had the simple and better way of doing that piece of work. In fact, their ways of performing task was better than those with Diplomas. Therefore, the title is suitable.

b.Can a person make a difference in a society? Discuss with an example from a person who has made a difference in your society. 

Ans: Yes a person can make a difference in a society. Changes in society is possible because of the determination of some people. Such kind of person is a role model in the society. There are many examples in our society. Anuradha Koirala, who founded ‘Maiti Nepal’ is one of the examples. She founded Maiti Nepal to fight against girls trafficking. girls trafficking is a serious crime again humanity Maiti Nepal, to some extent, is successful to fight against it. She was awarded with the title ‘CNN Hero’ for her contribution to fight against girls trafficking. If the social reformers like her are determined to change the society it can be done. Since, she established Maiti Nepal she has been working to control girls trafficking, and rehabilitate the rescued girls.


B. Suppose you are MacDonald. Write a reply to Sandra Shaw. 


18 Manchester, England

April 10, 2020

Dear Sandra,

I received your letter last week. I apologize for the inconvenience. Actually, I did not know anything about the problems you mentioned in your letter.

First of all, I agree that the furniture is not new but it was in a good condition, the chairs were in

good condition. Any way, when I come, I’ll see what can be done to furniture. Yes, the flat is a little cold, central healting system really needs repairing, if it is not working properly. Although electricity is expensive it needs to be used until we repair central heating system.

Regarding the windows, please call a mechanic and repair it. It needs to be urgently fixed. If you think, you are well prepared to paint the room, please do it. I am ready to pay for the paint.

Let me know if there are any other problems. I am planning to come there next month. Then we will solve all the problems.

Yours sincererly, MacDonald

C. Write an essay on ‘The Community Forest in Nepal’. Describe how these community forests have contributed to maintain ecology in our environment. 


The community Forest in Nepal

Nepal is rich in natural resources. Green forests are considered as the wealth of Nepal. Forests play very important role to balance ecology and environment. the forests are found from plains in Terai to high hills in hilly areas. These green forests are the homes of varieties of animals. Many forests in Nepal have been handed to communities and they take care of them. There are more than 11000 community forests in Nepal.

Nepal has been one of the first developing countries to adopt community forest system. It allows different groups and communities to manage forest resources. The communities have proved it to be boon because they are successful to manage and conserve of the members of community forest. The main aim of the community forestry programme is to empower local community and make them responsible in environmental conservation. The members of community forest are aware about the benefits of conserving forest.

This policy is very successful to preserve the forest resources. Nepal is one of the successful countries to follow community based forest management. It has proved that the popular saying ‘Hariyo Ban, Nepal ko Dhan is true to some extent. Nepalese community forests have been earning money through carbon trade. It has helped to combat against environmental degradation. The role of community forests to maintain balance in ecology and environment, control soil erosion and minimize the effects of climate change is highly appreciable. One of the advantages of it is the members are united and become successful to manage community forests for their mutual benefits. The government has the policy to hand over all accessible forest as community forest as the previously handed forests have shown positive results. Forests are one of the resources that can be utilized to develop the nation. In the context of Nepal water and forests are the major resources which can be maximized to achieve expected goals of development.

To conclude, community forests have been boon for us. We are benefitted by this policy. It has played important role to conserve medicinal herbs, to preserve the habitat of wild animals, maintain balance in environment and to provide fodder, grass, timber etc. Therefore, it is our duty to converve forests to save ourselves.


c. Underline the verb in each sentence and write whether it is transitive, intransitive or linking.

a. His father looks handsome.
looks = linking verb

b. Bhawana drinks milk every day.
drinks = transitive verb

c. He became a watchman.
became = linking verb

d. This bread smells good.
smells = linking verb

e. The dog barked loudly.
barked = intransitive verb

f. He chased the dog.
chased = transitive verb

g. My sister swims fast.
intransitive verb

h. He painted a picture.
painted = transitive verb

i. Radhika always asks questions.
asks = transitive verb

j. Anjana has a long hair.
has = linking verb

k. Hungry lion roars.
intransitive verb

l. He tried again and again.
tried = intransitive verb

m. The weather is hot.
is = linking verb

n. Owls hide in the daytime.
hide = intransitive verb