Paryavaran Santulan: Class 9 Nepali Chapter 6 Excercise

In this post, you’ll find Class 9 Nepali Chapter 6 Paryavaran Santulan Excercise. We’ve included all questions and answers and their explanation. You can also find Vyakaran Excercise.

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Paryavaran Santulan Summary

“Paryavaran Santulan” is a dialogue incorporated into the Class 9 Nepali syllabus, and its English translation is “Environmental Balance.” This conversation delves into the significance of maintaining equilibrium in the environment.

The dialogue underscores the importance of adopting sustainable practices to ensure the overall health and well-being of our planet. It emphasizes the individual responsibility each person bears in preserving the environment.

Within the dialogue, there is a discussion on the repercussions of environmental imbalance, including climate change, natural disasters, and the depletion of biodiversity. The narrative encourages readers to take proactive measures to safeguard the environment and advocate for sustainable living.

Paryavaran Santulan: Class 9 Nepali Chapter 6 Excercise

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