Jalsrot Ra Urja Class 11 Nepali Chapter 12 Excercise

In this article, we’ve provided Jalsrot Ra Urja Class 11 Nepali Chapter 12 Excercise. We’ve included all excercise, questions and answer. Enjoy this Class 11 Nepali guide chapter 12 excercise including byakaran.

Jalsrot Ra Urja Summary

“Jalsrot Ra Urja,” an essay featured in the Class 11 Nepali syllabus, translates to “Water Resources and Energy” in English.

The essay explores the potential of Nepal’s water resources, which have a capacity to generate more than 83,000 megawatts of energy. This potential arises from a combination of factors such as snowfall, continuous waterfalls, and steep slopes. These resources play a crucial role in irrigating the land, ensuring food production, and creating employment opportunities for the youth in Nepal.

Nepal’s rivers, the essay notes, can serve dual purposes by facilitating irrigation for agricultural purposes, contributing to the lush greenery of the land, and generating ample electricity to power large factories. Additionally, the essay delves into the idea of selling Nepal’s abundant water resources to the global market.

The essay advocates for well-planned urbanization and emphasizes the importance of cultivating crops in their natural environments. It underscores the significance of building a prosperous society by showcasing the agricultural produce of Nepal to the world.

Jalsrot Ra Urja : Class 11 Nepali Chapter 12 Excercise