Krishi Sala Ma Ek Din Class 11 Nepali Chapter 10 Excercise

In this article, we’ve provided Krishi Sala Ma Ek Din Class 11 Nepali Chapter 10 Excercise. We’ve included all excercise, questions and answer. Enjoy this Class 11 Nepali guide chapter 10 excercise including byakaran.

Krishi Sala Ma Ek Din Summary

“In the Field of Agriculture” is an essay featured in the Class 11 Nepali syllabus. Translated as “A Day in the Agricultural Field” in English, the essay narrates the experiences of a group of students who visit Badri’s Agro Farm to explore the potential of agriculture as a livelihood in Nepal.

The essay effectively communicates the significance of agriculture through dialogues within the narrative. Badri, the central character, addresses inquiries from the student group during their exhibition visit, covering various facets of agriculture. These include the interconnectedness of forests and agriculture, the process of crafting organic manure and medicine, the advantages of crop covering, and the author’s perspectives on agriculture.

Emphasizing the vital role of agriculture in sustaining human existence, the essay underscores the symbiotic relationship between forests and agriculture. Forests contribute to essential processes such as pollination, environmental equilibrium, and timely rainfall.

Detailing the creation of organic manure and medicine, the essay expounds on the benefits of the covering process. These advantages encompass weed prevention, soil moisture retention, cost reduction in manure production, and enhanced productivity by preserving the natural strength of the soil.

The essay concludes by highlighting the author’s insights on agriculture. It stresses that, despite modest income, agriculture can bring self-satisfaction. Additionally, the narrative touches on the importance of clean journalism, sound political practices, responsible guardianship, and the aspirations for social unity, reconciliation, harmony, and humanitarianism.

Krishi Sala Ma Ek Din : Class 11 Nepali Chapter 10 Excercise


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