Class 10 English Unit 8 Exercise [New Course 2080]

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Here, you can find all the solutions of Class 10 English Unit 8 Hobbies and Interests  exercise. Plus, we’ve also provided answer to Grammar I and Writing I section.

These all solutions are based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal published on 2080 B.S.

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Class 10 English Unit 8 Hobbies and Interests Exercise: Included all Questions and Answers (With Grammar I + Writing I Solution)

 Reading I: Common Hobbies

A. . Write synonyms and antonyms for the following words from the text.

a. unrevealed (synonym): hidden

b. sharpen (synonym): hone

c. boring (antonym): exciting

d. unexcited (antonym): passionate

e. healing (synonym): therapeutic

f. frame (synonym): easel


B. Find the meanings of the following words/phrases from a dictionary and use them in sentences of your own.

a. ignite: to start fie> The film ignited to write a story of my own

b. in-demand: popular > Tom and Jerry cartoon was in demand in the past.

c. let off: to release> Please let off; I am firing the fire-crackers.

d. a notch: of higher quality> He got a notch when he was awarded many prizes.

e passionate: strong feeling > I am passionate lover of football.

f. refurbishing: to rebuild > We are having the living room refurbished.

g. a blog: a website reading material > I have a blog of my own.

h. hanging out: to visit somewhere > Let’s hang out in the garden for some time.

C. Write True if the information is true, False if it is false and NG, if the information is not given in the text.

a. Outdoor hobbies are more popular than indoor hobbies.
Ans: False

b. You need more effort for reading than for other hobbies.
Ans: False

c. Only good dancers choose dancing as their hobby.
Ans: False

d. Antiques are also used for interior decoration in a house.
Ans: NG

e. Paintings can be used to express your feelings.
Ans: True

f. People who choose photography as their hobbies are pro photographers.
Ans: False

g. Keeping journals helps people become successful.
Ans: True

h. Flexibility in time and place is the best part of knitting.
Ans: True

D. Answer the following questions.

a. What aspects of our life influence the hobbies we choose?
Ans: Individual preferences and cultural aspects of our life influence the hobbies we choose.

b. What makes reading the most popular hobby?
Ans: Reading is the most popular hobby because we don’t need many more things.

c. How can people practise dancing?
Ans: People can practise dancing by joining dance studio or by taking online dancing course.

d. What things are necessary for one to go with painting?
Ans: Simply paints and brushes re necessary for one to go with painting.

e. Write the benefits of doing photography.
Ans: The benefits of doing photography are; to preserve memories and to be expressive.

f. Why has writing become a popular hobby?
Ans: Writing has become a popular hobby because they get freedom there.

g. How can knitting be rewarding to a person?
Ans: Knitting can be rewarding to a person they can have beautiful winter by wearing knitted clothes.

D. Do you think a person’s hobby really helps him/her in a professional career? Discuss.

A person’s hobby can have a positive impact on their professional career in several ways. I think positive for this statement.
Hobbies often require developing specific skills that can be transferable to one’s professional career. For example, if someone enjoys photography as a hobby, they may have developed skills in composition, attention to detail, and creativity, which can be useful in their profession as a graphic designer or marketer. Hobbies can help relieve stress and promote well-being, which can lead to increased productivity and motivation in the workplace. For example, if someone enjoys playing music or painting as a hobby, it can help them feel relaxed and rejuvenated, leading to increased focus and creativity in their work. Hobbies can also help with personal branding and differentiating oneself from others in their profession. For example, if someone enjoys blogging or writing as a hobby, it can showcase their writing skills and expertise in a particular area, making them stand out to potential employers or clients.
Overall, a person’s hobby can have a positive impact on their professional career by developing transferable skills, promoting well- being, providing networking opportunities, and enhancing personal branding.

Class 10 English Unit 8 Grammar I Excercise

Here, you can find Class 10 English Unit 8 grammar 1 exercise based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal on 2080:

A. Complete the following sentences with the correct passive forms of the verbs.

a. Ganga feeds the clogs.
Ans: The dogs are fed by Ganga.

b. The police catch a lot of criminals in London.
Ans: A lot of criminals are caught in London.

c. They often help us.
Ans: We are often helped by them.

d. They don’t rent cars there.
Ans: Cars aren’t rented by them there.

e. Do you turn the laptop on first?
Ans: Is the laptop turned on first?

f. Somebody follows me home every evening.
Ans: Every evening I am followed home.

g. We usually leave a saucer of milk for the cat.
Ans: A saucer of milk is left for the cat.

h. I like journalists following me on the way.
Ans: I like being followed on the way.

i. I loathe people pulling my hair.
Ans: I loathe being pulled my hair pulled.

j. Ashmina adores teachers checking her notebooks.
Ans: Ashmina adores having her notebooks checked.

k. Deuniya does not mind anyone mocking at him.
Ans: Deuniya does not mind being mocked at him.

B. Change the following sentences into passive voice.

a. The gardener waters the flowers every day.
Ans: The flowers are watered by the gardener every day .

b. People see foxes in their gardens at night.
Ans: Foxes are seen in their gardens at night.

c. We expect students not to talk during examination.
Ans: Students aren’t expected to talk during examination.

d. Rivers of fresh water form this lake.
Ans: This lake is formed by rivers of fresh water.

e. National parks attract many domestic and foreign tourists.
Ans: Many domestic and foreign tourists are attracted by National parks.

f. They promise him higher wages.
Ans: He is promised higher wages by them.

g. Does Biraj always beat Balgopal?
Ans: Is Balgopal always beaten by Biraj ?

h. Nobody knows the secret.
Ans: The secret isn’t known.

i. They are sure to help the helpless.
Ans: The helpless are sure to be helped by them.

j. Scientists have to discover a more effective vaccine for Covid-19.
Ans: A more effective vaccine for Covi-19 has to be discovered by scientists.

k. What do they prefer to eat?
Ans: What is preferred to eat by them?

l. Sources say most people in the region are still illiterate.
Ans: It is said that  Most people in the region are still illiterate.

Class 10 English Unit 8 Writing I Excercise

People have different hobbies and interests which may lead them to the careers they adopt. Write an essay on your hobbies explaining how they might influence your career.


Hobbies are a great way to escape the daily grind and explore personal interests. However, they can also have a significant impact on one’s professional career. In this essay, I will explore the influence that a hobby can have on an individual’s career.

Hobbies can help develop transferable skills that can be used in one’s professional life. For instance, if someone enjoys playing chess as a hobby, they may have developed skills in strategic thinking, problem- solving, and critical thinking. These skills can be applied in various professional settings, including business, management, and marketing. Additionally, hobbies such as writing, painting, or playing music can help develop creative skills that can be beneficial in professions that require innovation.
Hobbies can also have a positive effect on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. Pursuing a hobby can help reduce stress and anxiety, leading to better mental health. As a result, individuals who have a hobby may be better equipped to handle the pressures of a demanding career. This can translate into improved job satisfaction and a more positive attitude towards work.

In conclusion, hobbies can have a profound impact on an individual’s professional career. They can help develop transferable skills, promote mental and emotional well-being, provide networking opportunities, and enhance personal branding. Therefore, it is essential to identify and cultivate a hobby that can positively influence one’s career. By pursuing a hobby, individuals can not only find enjoyment in their personal life


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