Class 10 English Unit 7 Exercise [New Course 2080]

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Here, you can find all the solutions of Class 10 English Unit 7 Cyber Security Reading I Parents  excercise. Plus, we’ve also provided answer to Grammar I and Writing I section.

These all solutions are based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal published on 2080 B.S.

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Class 10 English Unit 7 Cyber Security Exercise: Included all Questions and Answers (With Grammar I + Writing I Solution)

 Reading I: Parents

A. Choose the words/phrases given below and write against the correct definitions.
[munching, ridiculous, window shopping, stammer, obsessed, lurking, outfit, leer, swerve, stamp]

a. remaining hidden so as to wait for somebody secretly
Ans: lurking

b. preoccupied with something continually to a troubling extent
Ans: obsessed

c. the act of looking at goods displayed in shop windows without intending to buy them
Ans: window shopping

d. bringing down one’s feet heavily down on the ground
Ans: stamp (stamping)

e. deserving or inviting disapproval; absurd
Ans: ridiculous

f. a set of clothes worn for a particular occasion or activity
Ans: outfit

g. to turn aside abruptly from a straight line or course
Ans: swerve

h. eating something hard, steadily and noisily
Ans: munching

i. look or gaze in an unpleasant and offensive way
Ans: leer

j. speaking with difficulty, repeating sounds or words and often stopping
Ans: stammer


B. Rewrite the following sentences in chronological order.

c. Anuja told her father that she wanted to see her new friend.

e. She told her father about her new e-friend.

a. Her father accompanied her to meet her friend.

g. He observed that Anuja was looking like a boy in her new dress.

d. She revealed her secret e-identity to her father.

b. They saw a car on the other side of the road.

h. They waited for Anuja’s friend for ten minutes.

f. Anuja’s father shared the incident with his friend.

C. Read the story again and answer these questions.

a. Why do you think Anuja was unwilling to take her father along with her to meet her new friend?
Ans: Anuja was unwilling to take her father along with her to meet her new friend because she was concerned that his physical appearance, including his age, large belly, and baldness, might cause her embarrassment.

b. How does she criticize her father?
Ans: Anuja criticizes her father by describing him as obsessed.

c. Describe Anuja’s e-friend.
Ans: Anuja’s e-friend is a 12-year-old whom Anuja is very fond of.

d. What (Why) did Anuja’s father propose to go with her?
Ans: Anuja’s father proposed to go with her because he wanted to meet her friend and ensure her safety.

e. What was the shocking news for her father?
Ans: The shocking news for her father was that Anuja had been chatting with her e-friend under the impression that the friend was a boy.

f. Why did they return without meeting Anuja’s friend?
Ans: They returned without meeting Anuja’s friend because they couldn’t locate any girl at the designated meeting place. Despite waiting for ten minutes and noticing a car parked with tinted windows on the opposite side of the road, it quickly drove away. The narrator concluded that the girl they were supposed to meet was likely fake, so they left.

g. Why do you think Dhurva laughed at the story of Anuja’s father?
Ans: Dhurva laughed at the story of Anuja’s father because he found the situation amusing. He informed the narrator that the reason Anuja’s friend and her mother didn’t show up at the meeting place was because they had seen an old man with a large stomach and a bald head lurking around.

h. How did the girl’s mother see Anuja’s father? Why didn’t they talk to each other?
Ans: The girl’s mother saw Anuja’s father from her car as he was lurking around the meeting place. All she observed was an old man with a large stomach and a bald head. They didn’t talk to each other because she immediately drove the car back home without engaging with him.

D. What can be the consequences of faking your identities and bullying other people on social media and the internet?

Faking your identity and engaging in bullying on social media and the internet can have significant consequences, both legally and personally. Here are some potential outcomes:

Legal repercussions: Depending on the severity of the bullying and the jurisdiction, the consequences may include criminal charges, such as harassment, defamation, or even cyberbullying. These offenses can lead to fines, restraining orders, probation, or even imprisonment, depending on the circumstances and applicable laws.

Damage to reputation: Engaging in bullying behavior can severely damage your reputation. Once your actions are exposed, it can result in public backlash, loss of friends and social connections, and difficulties in personal and professional relationships. Your online presence may be permanently tarnished, affecting your future opportunities and credibility.

Emotional impact on victims: Cyberbullying can cause significant emotional distress and harm to the victims. It can lead to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, social isolation, and even suicidal thoughts. Remember that your actions have real-life consequences on the well-being of others.

Social media account suspension: Social media platforms have strict policies against bullying and fake identities. If your activities are reported and found to be in violation of their terms of service, your accounts can be suspended or permanently banned. This can result in losing access to your social connections, online communities, and the ability to interact on those platforms.

Potential legal action from victims: Victims of cyberbullying may choose to take legal action against you. They can file civil lawsuits seeking damages for emotional distress, reputational harm, or other losses resulting from the bullying. This can lead to costly legal proceedings, financial settlements, and a further negative impact on your personal and financial well-being.

Impact on mental health: Engaging in cyberbullying and adopting fake identities can also have negative consequences for your own mental health. It can contribute to a toxic mindset, perpetuating negative behaviors and harming your own self-worth. It may lead to guilt, regret, and a cycle of negativity that affects your overall well-being.


Class 10 English Unit 7 Grammar I Excercise

Here, you can find Class 10 English Unit 7 grammar 1 exercise based on new curriculum set by government of Nepal on 2080:

A. Read the sentences below and say whether the words in red are used to express advice, moral obligation or complusion.

a. You should raise your voice against discrimination. (advice)
b. You must abide by traffic rules while driving,  (complusion)
c. You ought to be fair in your judgement. ( moral obligation)

B. Complete the sentences below with should, ought to or must. Use the negative forms where necessary.

a. Every child must take good care of their ageing parents.
b. If you want to lose weight, you should exercise regularly.
c. A: Someone picked up my pocket.
B: You should inform the police about it.
d. A: How was the movie?
B : It was great. You should go and see it.
e. We must not disrespect our nation at any cost.
f. You look ill. You should see a doctor.
g. In order to maintain healthy habits, we should go to bed early and get up early in the morning.
h. You must not offend people with your harsh words.
i. We ought to learn to apologise with people to build trust and cooperation.
j. If you find someone’s goods, you ought to try to return them to the respective person.

Class 10 English Unit 7 Writing I Excercise

B. Imagine that you are Niti, and that you were unable to attend the function. Write a reply email to Sambridhi apologising for your inability to attend her brother’s wedding due to an urgent family business.



Subject: Apology for Inability to Attend the Wedding

Dear Sambridhi,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for inviting me to your brother Naman’s wedding reception. Unfortunately, I must extend my deepest apologies as my family and I will be unable to attend due to an urgent family matter that cannot be postponed.

We are genuinely saddened that we won’t be able to share in the joy of this special day with you and your family. Please convey our warmest wishes and heartfelt congratulations to your brother Naman. We hope that the wedding is filled with immense happiness, love, and cherished moments that will create lifelong memories.

Once again, I would like to thank you for including us in the celebration, and please accept our sincerest apologies for our absence.

Warm regards,
[Your Name]

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